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Red Colony 2 Trailer is here!


Rune speculating about the future of gaming and the MetaVerse. Join him!

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Red Colony 2 is the second part in the Red Colony series. This game takes place in the Blue Colony where Nicole is facing some life-threatening situation.
Out now on Nintendo Switch!

Red Colony is a 2D Ecchi Horror Game filled with drama, mystery, zombies and gore. Help Maria find her daughter and get revenge on her cheating Husband, whilst uncovering the virus that has destroyed her beloved Colony. Out now on Nintendo Switch and Steam!

KnifeBoy is a unique looking MetroidVania Adventure Game set in a semi-open world with a twisted story and tight gameplay. Defeat crazy Bosses, collect Power-Ups, SideQuests and Collect Comic Books to learn about KnifeBoys past. Out on Steam - Console TBA

Gallery - Red Colony 1 & 2

Our latest screenshots from Red Colony

Gallery - KnifeBoy

Our latest screenshots from KnifeBoy

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Solo Developer from Sweden, living in Japan. Creator of KnifeBoy & Red Colony

Marketing & PR, Switch Indie Fix founder and podcast host!

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